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Stewart Sound Chassis for FT, F-3, F-7 and F-9's

 $199.95 powered units - $149.95 dummy units

EMD F-3, F-7, F-9
With Black Side frames
#691-1201   F-A Unit Dummy
#691-1202   F-B Unit Dummy   
#691-1203   F-A Unit Powered
#691-1204   F-B Unit Powered
With Black Side frames
#691-1209  FT-A Unit Dummy  
#691-1210  FT-A Unit Powered  
#691-1213  FT-B Unit Dummy  
#691-1214 FT-B Unit Powered 
Baldwin VO-1000 
#691-1217  Powered  
Baldwin VO-660, S-8,
S-12, DS 4-4-1000 
#691-1218  Powered  
EMD F-3, F-7, F-9
With Silver Side frames
#691-1205   F-A Unit Dummy  
#691-1206   F-B Unit Dummy
#691-1207   F-A Unit Powered
#691-1208   F-B Unit Powered
With Silver Side frames
#691-1211 FT-A or B Unit Dummy   
#691-1212  FT-A or B Unit Powered 
#691-1215 FT-B or B Unit Dummy    
#691-1216 FT-B or B Unit Powered 
Baldwin AS-16
#691-1220  Powered  
Baldwin AS-616
#691-1221  Powered  
GE U-25 b
#691-1219  Powered  
Alco Century U-628 
#691-1222  Powered  
Alco Century U-630 
#691-1223  Powered  









Answers to a few questions:
1. The sound chassis will fit Old Stewart Locos.
2. All Units come preprogrammed.
3. As with most sound equipped locos running with DC control, a unit with sound will start at a slightly high
                voltage than a unit without sound

Remove old chassis from body and place body on new chassis.
Each unit is track tested and ready to install.

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