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HO ALCo Century C-630 High Hood Locomotives

Archive of previous production


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Trad = Traditional Line: Basic model, no extra details, mostly unnumbered, all without sound,
all powered units have 8 pin plugs for easy DCC installations
Exec = Executive Line: Ready to Run, super detailed, numbered, with DCC and Sound or Analog (DC).

21 pin socket provided for DCC module. DCC/Sound version features LokSound Select decoder


DCC 21 pin decoder – newest production
ESU #54615 (8 Functions) Recommended Decoder


TCS #EU-821 8 function decoder

Old Production w/8 pin sockets
Not recommended to be used on locos with 21 pin sockets
NCE #D13SRP and D15SRP, Digitrax #DH123PS and DH163PS, TCS #T-1A


Sound Retro Fit kit C630 loco: #691-1225 $110.00

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Three Axle Pickup Kit #691-602

If you have a Stewart or early Bowser-Stewart Alco Century C628 or C630 (sku less then #23803) and are changing to DCC or DCC & Sound this is an important kit. The 3 axle pickup will help keep constant contact with the track. The plastic parts are paintable and can be glued with any liquid plastic cement.

Assembly note: Remove the bottom clip first before you disassemble and install bottom clip last when you put the new side frames in place.

#691-6350 Undecorated High Hood Trad

Norfolk & Western (As Delivered - Blue)
#691-6351 Cab #1130 Trad
#691-6352 Cab #1133 Trad
#691-6353 Cab #1134 Trad

Norfolk & Western (Black w/ White NW)
#691-6354 Cab #1130 Trad
#691-6355 Cab #1133 Trad
#691-6356 Cab #1134 Trad

Norfolk & Western (Black w/ White)
#691-6357 Cab #1131 Trad