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DC Powered Chassis

AS-616 Powered Chassis
#691-6699 $95.00 each In Stock

AS-16 Powered Chassis
#691-4299 $95.00 each In Stock

RS-12 Powered Chassis
#691-4699 $95.00 each In Stock

U25B Powered Chassis
#691-7299 $95.00 each In Stock

F3,7,9 A or B Power Chassis

#691-5195 $95.00 each In Stock
Revised frame & motor
This is the chassis we are currently using in our production.
Easy sound installation, 21 pin socket for DCC or Sound decoders.
Uses 5 pole motor. This until will not run the same speed as the old
Stewart with the Buehler motors.


Answers to a few questions:
1. The sound chassis will fit Old Stewart Locos.
2. All Units come preprogrammed.
3. As with most sound equipped locos running with DC control, a unit with sound

will start at a slightly higher voltage than a unit without sound

Remove old chassis from body and place body on new chassis.
Each unit is track tested and ready to install.

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