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HO Cal Scale

Lost Wax Brass, Plastic Molded Detail Parts & Wire Form Parts






Freight Car

Passenger Car

Diesel Detail Kits
#190-519 F and FT "A" Unit
#190-520 F and FT "B" Unit
#190-521 Alco Century 628 or 630
#190-524 Athearn GP38-2, GP40-2, SD40-2
#190-525 Athearn SW1500, SW1000
#190-527 Atlas Trainman RS32/36
#190-528 Atlas Trainman GP38-2 and GP-39-2
Black plastic - Details
#190-283 AB Air Brake Set
#190-290 "KC" Brake System
#190-275 Air, Steam & Signal Hoses
#190-276 Air Hoses (20 Hoses & Brackets)
#190-492 Air Hoses & Signal Hoses (8 each)
#190-300 Westinghouse "UC" Air Brake Syst for all Stnd Steel Pass Cars
#190-301 Hydra-Cushion Car Detail Kit
#190-324 Dual Service Express Reefer Detailing Kit
The 6000 Series
Lost wax brass detail parts made for the foreign builders of brass locos. Many parts are variations of existing Cal Scale and Cary parts.
When the supply is exhausted the part will be discontinued.