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HO Baldwin S-8 Locomotives

Archive of previous production


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Trad = Traditional Line: Basic model, no extra details, mostly unnumbered, all without sound,
all powered units have 8 pin plugs for easy DCC installations
Exec =Executive Line: Ready to Run, super detailed, numbered, with DCC and Sound or Analog (DC).
21 pin socket provided for DCC module. DCC/Sound version features LokSound Select decoder


DCC 21 pin decoder – newest production
ESU #54615 Recommended Decoder

TCS #EU-821 8 function decoder

Old Production w/8 pin sockets
Not recommended to be used on locos with 21 pin sockets
NCE #D13SRP and D15SRP, Digitrax #DH123PS and DH163PS, TCS #T-1A


Add sound to a non sound small Baldwin loco: #691-1232 - for 21 pin socket locos

Add sound to a non sound small Baldwin loco: #691-1229 - for 8 pin socket locos
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You must send us your die cast frame (not chassis) first before I send you a machined frame.
For 8 pin socket locos only
#691-1230 Die Cast Frame Trade for VO-1000 $7.00 each
#691-1231 Die Cast Frame Trade for VO-660, S8 & S12, DS4-4-1000 $7.00 each

#691-4880 Cab #None Trad

Rock Island (Black)
#691-4881 Cab #802 Trad

Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines
#691-4882 Cab #6006 Trad

#691-4883 Cab #8996 Trad
#691-4884 Cab #8998 Trad

Rock Island (Red)
#691-4885 Cab #805 Trad

Youngstown Steel Bi Centennial
#23974 Cab #805 Exec
#23975 Cab #805 w/DCC/LokSound Snd Exec