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HO Parts for Streetcars

Complete list of current and previous production items

Powered and Trailing Truck Kits

#125100 with 26" wheels In Stock
#125105 with 28" Wheels Sold Out
#125110 with 30" wheels In Stock
#125115 with 33" wheels In Stock
#125120 with 34" wheels Sold Out

#125130 Trolley 4' 10" Power Trucks & Trail Truck 33" Wheels with 76E Side Frames In Stock


6' 6" Wheel Base Power Truck
Can motor
Universals and drive shaft
Gear box with bearings
All-wheel pickup
Bolster with screw holes for mounting geared truck
Electric track brake, Brill, IRR & Baldwin side frames included

26", 28", 34" have blackened metal wheels
33" and 30" have brass wheels

Reference Manual Click Here

Re-power your Old Bowser or Pa Scale Models PCC or Brill with the New Bowser Mechanism includes
floor and mounting hardware for adapting the old PCC body to our new can motor drive Mechanism
is assembled and track tested.

If you are looking for a mechanism for IHP cars contact CustomTraxx
For trolley technical help go to Trolleyville (

Repower your Bachmann HO trolley car with the new Bowser mechanism.
Includes die cast floor, can motor and mounting hardware for adapting the
PCC body to our new can motor drive. Mechanism is assembled and track tested.

#125141 PCC Sold Out
#125144 Brill Sold Out
#125145 IRR Sold Out
#125146 Jewett & LVT Sold Out

#125142 For Bachmann PCC Sold Out
#125143 For Bachmann Brill Sold Out

Measurement drawing of HO Trolley Mechanism

Brass Bolster for Power Trucks #1335
This 1 1/4" long bolster will snap in place on the power truck.
It can be soldered to, cut, drilled and tapped.

This allows you to use it for many different applications.

#1250 Operating Trolley Roof $13.95 Sold Out

#1299 HO Overhead Pole System $29.00
Includes 12 poles, 25' of wire and wire clips for the pole Sold Out

#12600 Operating Roof Pole $16.00 In Stock

Thank you to George Huckaby, Jr. for his help on our trolley project.
Visit his web site for PCC trolley info.
See our links page to jump to Trolleyville ( - this site has a lot of useful info.