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PRR H-22a 4-Bay Hopper "Coke Car"

The H-22a was a converted H-22 coke car. The H-22 was originally built with clam shell doors but were converted to saw tooth doors as shop repairs were required. This conversion did not cause a class change so either type of doors could be found at various times. The conversion to class H-22A began in 1923. This conversion replaced the coke slats with solid panels above the belt line and placed the car on 70 ton Crown trucks. Carrying capacity was increased to 140,000 pounds of coke. 3671 H-22A's were converted by 1930. After 1930 the H-22 class cars were scraped instead of any further upgrades.

  • Circle Keystone Lettering was applied starting in Jan 1930

  • Shadow Keystone lettering was applied starting in June 1954

  • Plain Keystone (black car) was applied starting in July 1956

  • PRR Initials only started in early 1960's

KIT INCLUDES: injection molded plastic body, hopper doors, wine door latches with door bracing, coal load, interior bracing, end mounted brake wheel or top mounted brake wheel, X2f couplers, one piece molded Crown 70 Ton trucks and 33" chilled wheels with RP-25 flanges on brass axles.  Our model is a prototype Pennsylvania hopper car. The production molds were made using the original PRR drawings as our guide.

Coal load for H-22's made by Blue Mountain #30-47 for a pack of 2 loads.

You can order any quantity (1 and up).  
Different road numbers are available as indicated.  
Most cars have 3 or 12 different road numbers available at a time 
When we sell out of a series, we remake the cars with new road numbers  

List of car numbers used: click here!

Available in the following roadnames:

#56000 Undecorated   $13.95 In Stock

#56001 PRR 'Early Lettering'  $13.95 In Stock
#56003 PRR 'Early Lettering' - w/o car #  $13.95
Sold Out

#56002 PRR Circle Keystone  $13.95
#56004 PRR Circle Keystone - w/o car #  $13.95 In Stock

H-22a 4-Bay Hopper PA Circle Keystone
Blt 2-14   $14.95
56830 Road #904701 In Stock
56831 Road #904732 In Stock
56832 Road #924927 In Stock

PRR H-22 4-Bay Hopper with Clam Shell Doors "Coke Car"

List of car numbers used: click here!

Available in the following roadnames:

#56010 Undecorated In Stock
#56011 PRR   $13.95

#56012 PRR Circle Keystone

#56013 PRR Lines   $13.95

H-22 Clam Shell 4-Bay Hopper PA
 Blt 6-12  $14.95
56833 Road #406225 In Stock
56834 Road #406267 In Stock
56835 Road #406293 In Stock