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HO - Steam Loco Kits
PRR N-2s & USRA 2-10-2

All loco kits, tender kits and superdetail kits are sold out and discontinued.
Most parts are available for repairing old locos.

First built in 1918 and 1919, the Heavy 2-10-2 was one of the largest engines in the USRA series. It was the only major engine type used on Pennsy rails that was not built in Altoona.

It was used by many railroads, including PRR, Erie, C&S, Bessemer and Lake Erie, Illinois Central, Central of Georgia, Atlantic Coast Line, Missouri Pacific, Chicago, Illinois Midland, PCC & StL, Colorado & Southern, Chicago Burlington and Quincy.

When the N2s arrived on the Pennsy rails it looked foreign with its radial stay fireboxes, non-standard tenders and cabs, and the light-duty trailing trucks. It also had smokebox centered headlights and overhanging bells, but that was acceptable since these were for Lines West.

The basic design manufactured by Alco, Baldwin and Brooks, was identical from one loco to the next but each railroad ordered variations and made modifications.  The only drawback to the 2-10-2 loco was that it was built at the end of the drag freight era.

#100730 USRA 2-10-2 w/ Tender, Kit
#100740  Super Detail Kit (over 50 brass parts)
#100412 Painted Engineer & Fireman,
#100416 Smoke Unit Kit
#500735  Assembled Valve Gear  - Discontinued
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Cylinders 30" x 32"
Steam pressure 190 lbs.
Tractive force 73,829 lbs.
Weight of engine in working order 336,900 lbs.

Length with Tender 12-1/2"
Weight 2-1/4 lbs.
Minimum radius 22"
Power Bowser DC-71
Drivers 62"
Color (PRR) Brunswick Green

Assembly Instructions for USRA 2-10-2   (PDF file 1.3 meg)

Repair & Reference Manual Pages

Superdetailed Model  Photos