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HO - Steam Loco Kits
USRA Light Mikado

All loco kits, tender kits and superdetail kits are sold out and discontinued.
Most parts are available for repairing old locos.

Light Mikados had 26" by 30" cylinders, 63" drivers, and 200 pounds of pressure. The original models weighed 290,800 pounds and had tractive force of 54,600 pounds. It cost $53,600. Starting in 1918, 1266 light mikados were built. More than 50 different railroads used light Mikados. AC&Y, A&WP, ACL, AGS, B&O, C&A, CCCSL, C&EI, C&IM, CGW, CNR, CNOTP, GR&I, GT, GTW, KO&G, LE&W, L&HR, L&N, MC, MEC, MID VAL, M&O, MONON, NYC, OCAA, OSL, PRR, PM, P&WV, RI, RUT, SAL, SLSF, SOU, T&OC, C&O, D & TSL, FEC, GA, GM&O, MGA, MP, NCSL, NKP, NdeM, T&P, UP, WAB, WofA.

#531 Locomotive & Tender Kit
(includes super detail parts)

Includes over 60 brass detail parts. All the holes in body and tender are drilled for the brass superdetail parts.  No soldering is required. All super detail parts may be glued to the zinc casting using your favorite glue (ACC, Goo, Ambroid, etc.).

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  Drivers 62" Spoke
Power Bowser DC-71 motor
Total Weight Loco & Tender 1 lb. 12 oz.
Total overall length of engine & tender 11 1/8"
Height 2 1/16"
Minimum Radius 18"

Kit Photos

Assembly Instructions for USRA Light Mike