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SoundTraxx Sound Decoder Instructions!  -  Click Here

DCC Information

To isolate the motor brushes on an OLD Bowser DC-71 motor
(Old DC-71 had only one wire and half the brush plate is brass) 
a new brush plate (#22193) required to replace the brass plate on the motor.

All our kits using the DC-71 motor have the DCC compatable motor.  
Skew wound armature, straight polished shaft, new magnet material, double insulated brushes for easy DCC.
I like an O Scale DCC module for Bowser Steam Locos.  They will fit in the tenders.

Stewart Loco DCC decoders

Digi Traxx
Alco Century 628 and 630 - DH 163IP, DH163D, DH163P DH123P, DH123D
GE U25B - DH 163IP, DZ143PS DZ123PS, DH163K0, DH142 DH123D
EMD FT - DH 163IP, DH163K0 DH123D
EMD F Units - DH 163IP, DH163P DH123P
Baldwin AS16 DH163K0, DH142 DH123D
Baldwin AS-616 DH163K0, DH142 DH123D
Baldwin RS-12 DH163K0, DH142 DH123D
Baldwin VO1000 DZ143PS DZ123PS
Baldwin S-8 DZ143PS DZ123PS
Baldwin S-12 DZ143PS DZ123PS
Baldwin VO-660 DZ143PS DZ123PS
Baldwin DS-4-4-1000 DZ143PS DZ123PS

Lok Sound & 
Lok Pilot Decoders


ESU LokPilot DCC decoder (non sound) #52690

Kapton Tape is recommended to tape wire and boards in place
can be found at Uline, MSCdirect, or do a google search for a store

Kapton Tape is made for circuit boards and fine electronics.
Do not use black electrical tape. It traps heat and becomes sticky over time.

NMRA page of DCC Manufacturers

Train Control Systems (TCS)

Stewart ALCO 628 or 630- DP5X
Stewart GE U25 B - DP5X 
RS16, AS16, & AS616 - DP5X
Stewart FT & F7 - MC2
Stewart VO-1000 - MC2P-VO
Stewart Baldwin S-8, S-12 - MC2
Stewart DS-4-4-1000 - MC2
Stewart VO-660 - MC2

Digitrax - http://www.digitrax.com

NCE - http://www.ncedcc.com

Lenz - http://www.lenz.com

System One - http://www.wangrow.com

CVP Products - http://www.cvpusa.com

KAM Industries - http://kam.rain.com



Empire Northern Models 

manufactured by NCE exclusively for 
Empire Northern Models
MSRP: $19.99
EMD F Unit 
Baldwin AS16/616/RS12 
Alco Centuries 

This decoder was co-developed Empire Northern Models, Stewart Hobbies and NCE primarily for use in the Stewart locomotives. Our vision was to make a lower cost version of the Integrated Plug 
style decoder that would be very easy to use and fit the need of most modelers. The D12IP has all the options and functions you have come to expect from 
any of the NCE decoders like Silent Running and Full FX. This decoder will fits nicely into many of today's current production locomotives from Stewart, Kato, Atlas, Intermountain, LifeLike and many more.