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Trolleys - LVT Liberty Belle

#125240 - Sold Out LVT Liberty Belle Trolley Kit (powered)
#125241 - Sold Out  LVT Liberty Belle Trolley Kit (dummy)
#125245 - Sold Out LVT Painted and Lettered with Green body Orchre Roof and Gold Stripping (powered)

HO trolley bodies are all metal, with assembled and track tested mechanisms.  The bodies must be cleaned and painted.  Recommended minimum radius 9".  Dummy trolley pole included.  Operating pole available separately.

Model Specifications

  • Length 7.750"

  • Height 1.813"

  • Width 1.250"

  • Weight 11 oz.

The Jewett Car Co. delivered the first cars to LVT in August 1912 and service began December 12, 1912 between Norristown and Allentown. For many years they were often operated in two and three car trains. The last car was removed from service in 1939. The early painted version of LVT Liberty Belle Trolley had green body and ocher roof. The later version was painted with tuscon red body and yellow roof.   LVT Liberty Belle Cars were used in multiple unit trains. Photo shows LVT's under our Overhead Wire & Pole Kit #1299