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S Scale Products

We have discontinued production of these kits
Most repair parts are available.  When we exhaust these repair parts
we do not plan to restock.  This only applies to the HO steam kits, Cary diesel bodies, O Trolleys and All turntables.

A Bowser turntable is made of 1/2" plywood with a brass pit wall and it is painted gray.
The pit rail is installed and the wiring completed. The center shaft, bearings and bogies are installed on the wooden bridge beam. Track is NOT included.  A turntable requires a square hole 2" larger than the bridge length and at least 6" of clearance under the layout.  The girder kit screws onto the side of the bridge beam and creates the appearance of a girder bridge.  The motorizing kit mounts under the turntable and rotates the table.

Turntable Pricing

Turntable Kits (includes turntable with bridge, girder kit, deck detail kit & motorizing kit.)

Be sure to order S (not O gauge)


Dallee indexing unit is not included in this price.
7924 24" Long Bridge, pit, bridge details and motor  $521.05
7932 32" Long Bridge, pit, bridge details and motor 


Prices include turntable, girder kit, bridge deck kit & motorizing kit.  Dallee indexing unit is not included in this price.

Shipping and Handling for Complete Turntable Packages   -  $38.00

#213-617  Dallee Electronics Indexing Kit  -  $74.95
Will stop the turntable at any location you set. Mounts under the turntable and has an infinite number of stops.
The following is a l
ink to Dallee Indexer Instruction Page 


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