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HO Cary - Lost Wax Brass Detail Parts


In 1958 Cary Locomotive Works produced its first Steam Locomotive Conversion Body, expanding the line to Diesel body units, Diesel detail parts, and a large line of lost wax brass detail parts. All Cary Conversion Bodies are zinc die castings. These are accurate models with smooth nose contours and shapes, as well as deep sharp detail. All our bodies are designed to fit commercially available drivers of other manufacturers in HO scale, such as old Athearn, Hobbytown, and Proto-Power West, etc. The basic body in all our conversion kits is a one piece casting, with some parts, such as, roof ventilators, shutters, steps, air horns, etc., cast separately where such parts could not be accurately cast as part of the body.

All die cast bodies are discontinued.


Cary Catalog Sheets