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HO 70 Ton Offset Side Wood Chip Hopper Cars


Ready to Run Featuring Crisp details, sharp painting and printing with added brake wheel, under frame, air tank, brake cylinder, triple valve, free rolling trucks with metal wheels and knuckle couplers.


The Sun Belt System

Wilmington-Southwest Railroad---1867
Wilmington Southwest Lines---1880 “Linking the Atlantic to the Southwest”
Southeast Central Lines---1945 “The Modern Route”
Sun Belt System---1972 Sun logo and ‘dreamsicle’ scheme introduced
1974---"Serving the Great Gulf South" slogan added to some equipment. Not consistently applied other than to intermodal trailers and some series of box cars.

Like most conservative southeast roads that painted their motive power in black, blue, or grey, the Southeast Central entered the 1970s with black ALCOs, GEs, and a handful of Baldwins. In 1972, under a new president and marketing chief, the road changed its name to the Sun Belt System, embracing the new name for the region it served, and took on a paint scheme that set it apart, the 'Dreamsicle' (as wags called it). With tones of red, orange, and cream and a logo evoking the sun, even older power looked new again. Thus began the current era of the Sun Belt System, though a few engines bound for retirement still serve in the old black SECL scheme.
Wood Chip Hopper
The 70-ton, offset side hoppers were built in 1958 in the SECL 4000-4999 series used in both aggregate ('rock and sand') and coal service. Because of the growth of wood chip business along its lines, the road pulled 100 cars in the best condition and rebuilt them with side extensions into 4400cf wood chip hoppers. In 1972, the road became the Sun Belt System. As part of their rebranding, the 100 wood chip cars were refurbished and repainted into the new Sun Belt scheme. Note: The series is broken, with the original number being changed with a '4' added to their original 4XXX road numbers to designate their new service status.
Build date: 07-1958
Rebuild date: 09-1963
Repaint shop site & date: ALX 05-1972


Thank you to the owner/operator of the Sun Belt System "Patrick Harris".
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Sun Belt

#2-5974 Road #44000 Blt 7-58
#2-5975 Road #44345 Blt 7-58
#2-5976 Road #44693 Blt 7-58
#2-5977 Road #44726 Blt 7-58